I’ve noticed how Jesus never shamed those who knew all too well the pain of shame. Jesus called the prostitute – she who was used and shamed by the same people – daughter. To the woman who had five husbands, he offered living water. To the man born blind – who was shamed and whose parents were shamed for some unknown sin because their son was born blind – Jesus lifted up saying his blindness was for the glory of God. When the rich young man walked away, Jesus did not shame him. Jesus did not shame Peter for his denial, but breathed encouragement over him as he told Peter to feed his sheep. He praised the Samaritan woman. He touched the lepers. He called the children to himself.

Of so many people, Jesus was not ashamed.
And Jesus is not ashamed of you.

You, with the deep down secret of things done in darkness – Jesus is not ashamed of.
You, with the pulsating fear of being found out – Jesus is not ashamed of.
You, who feels ashamed of the perpetration done to you – Jesus is not ashamed of.
You, who is ashamed of the image in the mirror – Jesus is not ashamed of.
You, who have yelled too loud and too inappropriately – Jesus is not ashamed of.
You, who have been cast out by those ashamed of you – Jesus is not ashamed of.
You, who have returned to the addictive cycle again and again – Jesus is not ashamed of.

Me, who feels not good enough – Jesus is not ashamed of.


"Jesus was a socialist!"



Jesus said Himself that giving to the poor voluntarily by one’s own free will was honorable, because THEY WOULD ALWAYS BE WITH US. Socialists believe that daddy government can somehow eradicate all poverty and “social injustice” by taking from the rich to give to the poor WITHOUT cutting spending and continually raising taxes.

Not only was Jesus obviously not a socialist, but that makes no economic sense whatsoever.